Session Idea: Bridging Digital Gaps

In light of the proposed topics regarding digital natives and digital aliens, I’m interested in a discussion about how to better engage students who don’t own devices (laptops/phones) or who aren’t comfortable with tools like Twitter or blogs into an interactive/digital classroom. When we bring digital and online tools into face-to-face (or even online) classes, what techniques can we use to create an inclusive classroom, especially when there is a large range of skills and technical backgrounds? How do we ensure we don’t alienate students who are not as tech-savvy or technically oriented, especially non-traditional students?

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I'm a filmmaker and film scholar and the first person with an MFA (no PhD) on my campus to be on the tenure-track. I study gender representations in film, experimental film remakes, interactive narrative, and smart montage. I make experimental remakes and experimental documentaries too. I used to live in Austin and will travel hundreds of miles for a great breakfast burrito. I have two cats and do feline impressions for a small fee.