Intermediate Digital Humanities Professional Development

There are a growing number of resources and opportunities available to introduce academics to the digital humanities.  My colleague, Lisa Spiro has written an excellent piece for newcomers, “Getting Started in Digital Humanities“, which was selected for publication in the new Journal of Digital Humanities.  NITLE offers digital scholarship seminars which are intended to raise awareness of digital humanities at and for small liberal arts colleges.  THATCamps are another great option for plugging into this community.  DHCommons hosted a Getting Started in Digital Humanities pre-conference workshop at the 2012 MLA conference and will do so again at MLA 2013. I’ve taught a number of introductory digital humanities workshops, as have many others.

But, what’s the next step?  What kind of intermediate digital humanities professional development opportunities are out there?  (DHSI leaps to mind.)  What else would you like to see?  How can we help new digital humanists take the next step?  At NITLE we are exploring some ideas for filling in gaps for the intermediate digital humanist, especially at small liberal arts colleges or other places that lack the support of a digital humanities center.  I’d appreciate any input you have on what that should be.  To give us something to do in the session, I’d also like to develop a survey that I can send out to all those who’ve done those introductory events, like the digital scholarship seminars, to get a clearer idea of needs.

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About Rebecca Davis

I am the Program Officer for the Humanities at the National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education (NITLE), which is headquartered at Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX. In 2010 NITLE launched an initiative in digital humanities, focused on finding pockets of innovation in the liberal arts community and connecting these dots into a coherent, collaborative effort. Its goal is two-fold: to advance the development of digital humanities at liberal arts colleges and promote the valuable contributions these colleges make to and within the broader digital humanities movement. As part of that initiative, I have been researching how the digital humanities are integrated into small liberal arts colleges, especially the undergraduate curriculum. At NITLE I also research and consult on the effective use of technology for teaching and learning in a variety of disciplines, including the teaching of writing, languages, and Classical Studies.

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  1. I’m testing comments . . . frankly I have a secret plan to formulate a digital humanities “road show”; kind of like a traveling DHSI. Glad there’s anther DHSI-like thing at MITH, of course, but seems to me like people might love for something to come to them.

  2. The digital humanities session at the NITLE Summit also discussed this idea of a digital humanities road show specifically aimed at small liberal arts colleges. I think the thrust was more having those LACs who were more advanced share their experiences.

  3. I’m in full agreement with the notion that we need to be programming for DHers beyond the intro level. There are other kinds of workshops – like the Women Writers Project seminars – but the idea of a roadshow in intriguing. It would certainly help out folks at LACs. Perhaps a road show that lands at regional hubs?

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