How much code do I need to know?

As we break our way into digital humanities, we run into more and more computer code. But do I need to know what it means? Or, better yet, how much of it do I need to know?

This has been a hot button question lately – do digital humanists need to know how to code? My take is that the answer is pretty nuanced and idiosyncratic. We must know how to understand some of the simple parts of the language that we use the most. And I think that we should know how to do some simple html/css – it’s too ubiquitous.

I’d like to see a session that talks about a few different things

  1. What kind of code do I need to know for what I do?
  2. How do I learn it?
  3. What don’t I need to know? How can I tell?
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  1. I am definitely intersted in this!

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