Update on the schedule

We’re rapidly developing the schedule for THATCamp LAC. And it’s looking like you’re going to have access to some great opportunities!

Saturday night

Dinner at Stubb’s Barbeque

It’s an Austin landmark on 6th Street.
You’ll have a chance for some darn good brisket, ribs, or smoked quail.


We’re planning out the workshops that you can attend. No absolutes yet, but it’s looking like:

000000;">Regular Expressions: Take your text searching beyond simple wildcards. Learn some serious text querying possibilities from a seasoned pro.

Publishing e-books and e-journals: Learn how to create your own e-books and e-journals for a variety of platforms, all with opensource software.

Create iOS5 games: Learn the basics of creating a digital scavenger hunt game for the iOS platform using easy and intuitive software.

Social tools in the classroom:┬áDiscover power tips for using social media in the classroom. We’re not talking Facebook and Twitter – we’re talking social bookmarking, wikis, browser extensions, website overlays, and more!


And, as always, we’ll have on-the-fly sessions about anything and everything you’ve wanted to know about technology, liberal arts, and the digital humanities.

Come ready to talk about

    • social media for education
    • e-book and paperless classrooms
    • student-driven research
    • digital humanities research in SLACs
    • collaboration between institutions, departments, and non-academics
    • whatever else may interest you about the digital humanities
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