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[Session Idea] DH Swiss Army Knife: What’s in your tool kit?

Digital Humanities covers a wide breadth of disciplines, methodologies, and interests, but one thing all DHers seem to have in common is a set of digital tools, apps, and websites that help us in our work.  While we may have … Continue reading

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Session Idea: Natives Without Literacy

The flip-side to the Digital Aliens? session… Our students are digital natives, but not consciously aware of how to learn from, leverage or be critical of the technology they’ve grown up with. Often they perceive only the social and entertainment … Continue reading

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Session Idea: Digital Aliens?

The term “digital native” often does not seem a particularly apt description of contemporary students, implying that they are comfortable or proficient with a variety of digital tools and formats. I’ve often thought that the term is really a polite … Continue reading

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