Practical Matters

Getting here

St. Edward’s University is at 3001 S. Congress in Austin, TX. If you’re staying at the Wyndham, they offer an airport shuttle. If you’re flying into town and staying at the dorms, we’ll figure something out. If you’re driving to campus, contact Ryan for a parking permit.

THATCamp LAC will begin in the Maloney Room in Main Building; most of THATCamp will take place a couple buildings over in Trustee Hall. (Campus Map)

Staying in the Dorms

Thanks to Rebecca Frost-Davis for putting these reminders together.

Just in case you haven’t stayed in a dorm since college, here’s some information for those of us who took the dorm option.

The dorms will be townhouse-style with private bedrooms. (details here) They run $54 a night and you can request linens and towels for $4 more. Note that no toiletries are provided.


Make sure, if at all possible, that you bring a laptop, tablet, or smart phone with you to sessions. You’ll want to be able to access sites as folks talk about them, take notes, check out the schedule as it evolves, post session notes to the blog, and live-tweet sessions.


We hope to keep a lively back-channel discussion going through Twitter. If you’re not already following @thatcamplac, you should! Please add the following hashtags to your THATCamp LAC tweets: #thatcamp and #lac. The former will add your tweets to the larger THATCamp stream. THATCamp Prime at George Mason University will coincide with THATCamp LAC, and we hope some larger Twitter conversations will emerge between the two camps. The “#lac” tag will distinguish our tweets from those coming out of THATCamp Prime.


You will find information about logging into the WiFi network on slips of papers in your nametag holders. Your credentials will only work during the days of the camp.


Bar night

For those of you who arrive on Friday, we’ll have an informal gathering at Opal Divines, a local bar and restaurant just south of St. Edward’s. Come by to meet campers and start conversations that will continue all weekend. We’ll be there from 6pm to 9pm.


If you’re staying in the Wyndham, they provide a generous breakfast. We encourage those of you staying in the hotel to eat breakfast there. We will have coffee and scones for everyone. In order to keep costs down, the scones will be primarily for those staying in the dorms.


On Saturday we’ll set you loose for lunch. At the bottom of this page you’ll find a list of restaurants within easy walking or driving distance. On Sunday, St. Edward’s will provide lunch, which we’ll enjoy while presenting and watching Dork Shorts presentations (more on that below).


On Saturday night those who are interested will head to Hill’s Cafe for some authentic Texas cuisine in an Austin landmark. We’ve reserved transportation to take us to the restaurant, so you won’t need to worry about driving. The bus will pick campers up in the Wyndham parking lot at 5:45.

Dork Shorts

We want to cap off THATCamp LAC with dork shorts presentations. These are, as their name implies, very short talks: everyone gets three Powerpoint slides (max) and two minutes to speak. At the end of two minutes, participants are “played off” with annoying music or, more generously, applause. Dork shorts are a fun way to talk *briefly* about what project, class, question, or concern brought you to THATCamp LAC. As a crowning event, these presentations will give everyone a chance to see what the small college DH community is up to. If possible, we’ll record the dork shorts presentations and post them to our website.

If you’d like to take part in these presentations, please be thinking about what you can present. We’ll ask everyone to sign up for their time slot by the end of the day Saturday, and to email their slides to one of the organizers by the beginning of the day Sunday. That way we can assemble everything into one long presentation, and save having to switch computers every two minutes.

Nearby Restaurants

View Restaurants near StEds in a larger map