DH + DA = YAY! happy hour

Howdy all,

If you are hanging out in Austin for a few days, come by the historic Scholz Beer Garden* on Wednesday at 5pm for an impromptu joint happy hour with DHers and archivists (hopefully) in attendance.

* We aren’t reserving space, so if, for some reason, there isn’t any, we’ll be at the nearby Dog & Duck Pub instead.




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About Jennifer Hecker

I am the director of the (THATCamp-inspired!) Austin Fanzine Project, founder of the Austin Archives Bazaar, and an enthusiastic supporter of proactive documentation of social and artistic communities. I also advocate every chance I get for archives and libraries, as they are respectively the foundations and the engines of our civilization. For a decade, I was a manuscript archivist specializing in processing large literary collections. Major projects include the Norman Mailer Papers, the David Mamet Papers and the Morris L. Ernst Papers, all at the Harry Ransom Center, and the Richard W. Pound Olympic Collection at the University of Texas Libraries. I am currently working with the UT Libraries to improve access to archival materials for both the public ("users") and the archivists themselves.