Post your session ideas

We’d like all of the THATCamp LAC participants to post any ideas for sessions that you’d like to see happen during the conference to this website.

Remember that a THATCamp is based on 2 different types of activities.
1. Workshops – skills based sessions where an expert teaches you new software, new tricks with existing software, or new digital humanities strategies.
2. Sessions – discussion based sessions most akin to a round table at a conference.

The four workshops are already planned. But we have a number of open slots for sessions. You, the participants, get to determine what those sessions are.

Saturday morning, our first task is going to be determining what the session schedule is going to be. To help us out, we’d like you to post ideas for what you would like to talk about. Note that you do not have to be an expert on the topic. If the idea interests you, and if you think others may be interested in it, that qualifies as a valid topic.

Some ideas to get you started:

  • Do digital humanists need to know how to write code?
  • How can we use GIS technology?
  • What role does the library play in digital humanities?
  • Are we ready to start using e-textbooks?
  • How does copyright affect what we do?

When you post your idea, write up a couple hundred words describing what you’re thinking and why it interests you. If you can link to some background reading, that would be fantastic!

Go to this page to post your idea. Note that you’ll need to log in. You should have gotten a username and password with your acceptance email. If you’re having problems logging in, contact Ryan.

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