Strategies for broad-based adoption

I would like discuss how to make digital humanities more broad-based and central, its potential for research and pedagogy more apparent. Beyond the enthusiasts and demonstration projects, how do you embed the practice of digital humanities in a small liberal arts college? What kinds of advocacy encourage experimentation? What kinds of support ensure success, and where should it reside?

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BA English, MFA Painting. Worked in commercial publishing (art/editorial production systems) before academia. Humanities stuff: founder of Friends and Enemies of Wallace Stevens, juror for CT Book Award; Local politics: school board and town council.

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  1. I’d like to discuss this, too. This is one of the core goals of NITLE’s Digital Humanities Initiative.

  2. This is a really hard nut to crack, especially at LACs where institutional culture and infrastructure might not change very quickly. I’d be interested in thinking about ways that showcasing DH work might lead to organic adoption. I’d also like to parse out the differences between “digital pedagogy” and “digital humanities” – they are related but not not identical and the differences might be important for this conversation.

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