Nancy Aarsvold


I taught Norwegian language for over 20 years, first at Augsburg College and then at St. Olaf College. I'm interested in second language pedagogy and instructional design, which led me to write a textbook series (2 textbooks, 2 workbooks, glossary, online audio and video clips) for Introductory Norwegian courses. My co-author and I are currently starting a textbook project for Intermediate Norwegian and are exploring the options for e-publishing, either as an e-book, a web-based book, or some other modular format. In my courses, I like to design small-group projects that engage students and encourage collaboration, such as course blogging, digital storytelling, podcasting, etc. Last summer, I started in a new position at St. Olaf as Assistant Director of Instructional Technology, which has led me to explore a broader set of technologies useful for enhancing pedagogy in undergraduate courses, approaches for providing faculty development and support, and digital humanities projects that would be a good fit in our liberal arts setting.