Dan McCoy


In 1996 I started an Associates of Applied Science Degree in Graphic Design (odd that it was an applied science degree). After a year of trying to learn software in our aging Mac Lab, I was hired in 1997 to fix it. In 1998 I graduated with honors with my Assoc of Applied Science in Graphic Design and moved into a Bachelor's of Fine Arts Degree, specializing in 3D computer animation and Interactive Multimedia programming. While working on my Bachelor's Degree I also work for the Information Technology Department and quickly rose through the ranks from an entry level Macintosh Tech to a senior level Macintosh Imaging Coordinator. My position allowed me to evolve and innovate our software distribution platform to more than 3,500 mac systems. My tenure at St. Edward's has also allowed me to grow and innovate our computer classrooms. Starting with Arts 121 in 2002, Trustee Hall 108 in 2006, Arts 140 in 2007, Photostudio in 2008, and the PHCO Advanced Imaging Lab in 2010.