Tekla Hawkins

  • graduate student/Assistant Instructor/Assistant Editor
  • University of Texas at Austin
  • Twitter: @tekla_h

- My last conference presentation was titled "NSFW: the rhetoric and literacies of online pornography."

- My most recent conference proposal is titled: "Private Lives, Public Voices: embodied composition and digital literacies."

- The last class I taught was The Rhetoric of Transformative Works.

- The next class I'll teach is Literature and the Internet.

I'm working on the first chapter of my dissertation, assistant editing a flat-text journal, following the dh conversation obsessively on twitter, live tweeting conferences, trying to find a twitter app that I really like, keeping up with the sparklemotion on tumblr and barely keeping myself from buying Skyrim. I got my whole team through alive in Mass Effect even though it was the first video game I've played. I think digital rhetoric is really fun, and have realized that only my committee wants to hear my views on negative dialectics.