Session idea: Web-based co-curricular/extracurricular writing support

Students graduating from liberal arts colleges should be able to write about complex ideas clearly, succinctly, and gracefully. How can writing centers and academic supports centers best focus web-based tools and resources (screencasts, handouts, podcasts/audio, OWLs, presentations, IM, others?) to aid those students who require writing help beyond the early composition courses and perhaps through their graduate coursework? What is most valuable to different groups of students? What is most valuable for faculty who, hard-pressed for time to discuss writing issues beyond the composition courses, want to refer students to valuable resources that students will actually use?

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About fondas

Past: ballet dancer, barista, English major, poet, textbook editor. Present: OWL Coordinator, dance critic, coffee drinker, Mac user. In the OWL, we're currently developing web-based writing support resources and desire feedback and ideas for making them accessible and valuable, especially for degree completion and graduate students.