Session Idea: Digital Aliens?

The term “digital native” often does not seem a particularly apt description of contemporary students, implying that they are comfortable or proficient with a variety of digital tools and formats. I’ve often thought that the term is really a polite way of saying something about older generations of faculty and administrators, that our students are comfortable with digital media by comparison. I’d like to hear about what kinds of best practices have been used in liberal arts institutions to develop general faculty and administrative familiarity and proficiency with digital practices and social media–not on the level of “How to Use Moodle” but aiming for the more abstract, intellectual understandings that inform our work with other media and other competencies or skills.

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I'm a professor in the History Department at Swarthmore. My main specialized field in history is African history, but I have also published on popular culture, digital media and games. I've been heavily involved in strategic planning and institutional governance at Swarthmore in recent years and hope to be involved with the creation of a new Institute for the Liberal Arts in the near-term future.