Session idea: or mash-up of previous? nuts and bolts: the foundation for exploration

Possible conversation mash-up of previously proposed sessions; “DH Swiss Army Knife: What’s in your tool kit?”,  Dawn Dietrich’s “Academic Library and/or Digital Learning Commons?”,  and dschnaidt’s “Beyond the enthusiasts and demonstration projects, how do you embed the practice of digital humanities in a small liberal arts college? What kinds of advocacy encourage experimentation? What kinds of support ensure success, and where should it reside?”

Conversation around focus for those looking to advocate, build and expand support, facilities, tools, staff expertise in the direction of Digital Humanities needs. Speaking of needs – at your LAC what is provided and works, what is provided and doesn’t work, wish-list on a budget or wish-list on a bottomless vat of cash, tools dreamt of, tosser tools, ideal support person job description … in other words what would be immensely beneficial to building new or reshaping existing DH centers?

Anyone thinking about/ planning for/ working on digital preservation and copyright issues?

Useful resource to compare who is doing what and how in terms of DH support and engagement
ARL SPEC Kit 326

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I work at the Claremont Colleges as the Digital Initiatives librarian and am expanding the services and scope of the library's Center for Digital Initiatives. One of the services areas of the CDI that we are looking to build is support for DH.