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Simply put, I would love to talk about and share ideas related to data visualization tools.  I’ve used Gephi lately, and is intriguing, and would enjoy talking about other tools and how we could demonstrate their value in a humanities or inquiry-driven context (i.e., visualization tools are summative displays of information, but how can we show students how they might produce new knowledge or ideas and how can we discuss their value in terms of sharing information digitally?).

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I work as an Academic Technologist and lecturer at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, but I would be coming to thatCAMP Austin in order to also wear my hat as a senior lecture and de facto digital humanist at Mount Mary College in Milwaukee, where I teach graduate courses in English and Professional Writing on technology and the humanities. I have been involved in digital humanities in one way or another since working and studying at UT-Austin and the Computer Writing and Research Lab ( as a developer and Assistant Director. I received two NEH Start-Up grants for work on a collaborative commenting tool for classroom use in the CWRL. While I could talk about both Carr and Žižek, I think that I would rather theorize how Paul Virilio's 'information bombs' would be much more useful for taking out the Galaga bosses with those dastardly tractor beams.

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  1. I’d like this session, too. I’d like to link it to the need for students to learn about big data and think about how to teach them visualization tools, as well.

  2. Dick Brown says:

    I’m very interested in this topic. My colleague and I are exploring humanities data visualization this summer together with some students. As technology folks, we’d like to build some reusable software tools for visualizing text and other humanities-relevant data. I’d like to hear both what people have been doing, and also what people would like to be able to do.

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