Less Yack, More Hack

One of the mottoes of THATcamp is Less Yack, More Hack. This means we focus on doing along with our talking, which distinguishes THATcamps from most other conferences. For example, DHCommons came out of a session at THATcamp Chicago 2010. This post is not so much a session proposal than a reminder to include a concrete outcome in your session. That could be anything from some coding to starting a new DH project to a blog post to a proposal for a Digital Scholarship Seminar. We are always looking for new topics for NITLE’s Digital Scholarship Seminars, so, if you have a great discussion and would like to take it further, consider proposing a seminar. Just write a title and description and come up with a list of potential speakers.

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About Rebecca Davis

I am the Program Officer for the Humanities at the National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education (NITLE), which is headquartered at Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX. In 2010 NITLE launched an initiative in digital humanities, focused on finding pockets of innovation in the liberal arts community and connecting these dots into a coherent, collaborative effort. Its goal is two-fold: to advance the development of digital humanities at liberal arts colleges and promote the valuable contributions these colleges make to and within the broader digital humanities movement. As part of that initiative, I have been researching how the digital humanities are integrated into small liberal arts colleges, especially the undergraduate curriculum. At NITLE I also research and consult on the effective use of technology for teaching and learning in a variety of disciplines, including the teaching of writing, languages, and Classical Studies.