Session Idea: SoMoLo + Gamification

SoMoLo — social, mobile, local — is all the rage for tech startups trying to integrate the power of social networking, the mobility of our devices and the locales in our daily lives. In addition, the idea of gamification — infusing game mechanics into reality — seems to be present in many different contemporary contexts. What is the crossover into the humanities classroom? In this discussion, we can share ideas about mobile and/or gaming projects and the benefits to student engagement as a practical follow-up to the ARIS Video Games workshop.

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About kimg

Kim Garza is an Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at St. Edward's University in Austin, Texas. Prior to teaching, she worked in a variety of professional design settings — an advertising agency, boutique design firms, in-house design departments, and as a sole proprietor. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree at Anderson University and a Master of Graphic Design degree at North Carolina State University. Her work moves across the print, interactive, and motion mediums. Her research re-envisions public domain footage into new short films in collaboration with her husband, Todd, a singer-songwriter. She is also the proud mother of two beautiful boys, Sylvan and Lucien.