Session Idea: Natives Without Literacy

The flip-side to the Digital Aliens? session… Our students are digital natives, but not consciously aware of how to learn from, leverage or be critical of the technology they’ve grown up with. Often they perceive only the social and entertainment value of the web, mobile devices and digital services. What techniques can we use to engage students in a meaningful dialogue about the power and pitfalls of technology?

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Kim Garza is an Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at St. Edward's University in Austin, Texas. Prior to teaching, she worked in a variety of professional design settings — an advertising agency, boutique design firms, in-house design departments, and as a sole proprietor. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree at Anderson University and a Master of Graphic Design degree at North Carolina State University. Her work moves across the print, interactive, and motion mediums. Her research re-envisions public domain footage into new short films in collaboration with her husband, Todd, a singer-songwriter. She is also the proud mother of two beautiful boys, Sylvan and Lucien.

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  1. I think you’re right about this; students are comfortable with digital tools but they don’t push them as far as faculty do. That’s probably true for any tool; for example, faculty are more sophisticated book users, as well. Peter Bradley (who I see on the list of campers) talked a little about this at the NITLE Symposium in connection with a student iPad pilot: The Promise and Perils of an iPad Learning Community.

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