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Session Idea: Bridging Digital Gaps

In light of the proposed topics regarding digital natives and digital aliens, I’m interested in a discussion about how to better engage students who don’t own devices (laptops/phones) or who aren’t comfortable with tools like Twitter or blogs into an … Continue reading

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[Session Idea] DH Swiss Army Knife: What’s in your tool kit?

Digital Humanities covers a wide breadth of disciplines, methodologies, and interests, but one thing all DHers seem to have in common is a set of digital tools, apps, and websites that help us in our work.  While we may have … Continue reading

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Session Ideas Ideas

A friend or two has asked me for advice on session ideas for THATCamp, and since I’m running a workshop at THATCampLAC I figured I’d post my response in lieu of an actual session proposal: My advice is to take … Continue reading

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Session Idea: Natives Without Literacy

The flip-side to the Digital Aliens? session… Our students are digital natives, but not consciously aware of how to learn from, leverage or be critical of the technology they’ve grown up with. Often they perceive only the social and entertainment … Continue reading

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Session Idea: SoMoLo + Gamification

SoMoLo — social, mobile, local — is all the rage for tech startups trying to integrate the power of social networking, the mobility of our devices and the locales in our daily lives. In addition, the idea of gamification — … Continue reading

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Strategies for broad-based adoption

I would like discuss how to make digital humanities more broad-based and central, its potential for research and pedagogy more apparent. Beyond the enthusiasts and demonstration projects, how do you embed the practice of digital humanities in a small liberal … Continue reading

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DH Collaboration: LACs, R1, and Cultural Heritage Institutions

The 2008 CLIR report on Digital Humanities Centers suggested that Centers were risking silo-style knowledge and infrastructure development ( At the same time, major private and public funding agencies have begun to target regional collaboration, both amongst LACs and between … Continue reading

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